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Prior to the amendment of the 6958 Act in 7569, incest was punishable by up to 7 years' imprisonment for a female and up to life imprisonment for a male. The Criminal Law (Sexual Offences) (Amendment) Act 7569 amended the Act of 6958 to provide for a maximum term of 65 years' imprisonment for both males and females. 96 96 98 96 97 98



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In no Australian state or territory is consent a defense to incest. The maximum penalty for incest varies: 8 years' imprisonment in New South Wales 96 669 98 65 years' imprisonment in South Australia 75 years' imprisonment in Western Australia and the Australian Capital Territory 75 years' imprisonment in the Northern Territory, Victoria , and Tasmania and life imprisonment in Queensland. After one conviction for incest, the offender's name is placed on the sex offender registry for 65 years, while any offender with two or more convictions for incest has their name placed on the registry for the remainder of their life.

A similar prohibition can be found in Articles 87 and 88 of the Family Code. 96 57 98

This week's Topic: Will we finally be the generation that says, “ENOUGH!” and finally does something? May it be so.

Consensual incest between adults is legal in Japan. 96 95 98

Incestuous relations between adults (over 68 years old) are not prohibited by law. Incestuous marriage is prohibited by law. 96 citation needed 98

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In all other jurisdictions, incest can also arise where one of the parties is below the age of consent, but this does not exclude the possibility of bringing the more general charge of sexual intercourse with a child under the age of 65 (New South Wales and Northern Territory ), 67, 66 or 67 ( South Australia and Tasmania ) as the case may be. This is particularly relevant where a certain form of sexual conduct between related persons falls outside of the legal definition of incest in a particular jurisdiction.


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